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Seth Parmenter

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My Life

Yo, wazzup, welcome to my website! My name is Seth Parmenter, and I am a designer living life to its absolute max. I love creating and traveling, finding inspiration for all of my designs. Currently, I am a college sophomore at NLC College to pursue my bachelor’s in business administration with a focus on entrepreneurship.

I have been so blessed over the years to be trained by some amazing web designers! Along the way, I have made so many connections with graphic designers, copyrighters, and even photographers. Together we are all on a mission, to help you turn your website browser into buyers.

As featured in…

I have had the honor of being featured in sever major new outlets for developing a system called the Imphasis one day website acceorator program. To this day the one day website accelerator program is still offered through my partnership with Imphasis. Want to learn how to get your website built in one day? Click the link!


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