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Turing your Website browsers into buyers

The Problem

Building a website is one of the hardest parts of marketing you as a business owner will face. The world revolves around the internet, so it is scary to think about not having a website. Yet, it seems like you need a master’s degree in coding, marketing, and content writing just to create a basic blog. Every day millions of people visit websites without taking the next step toward a purchase. The cost of not having a conversion-based website is costing companies thousands if not millions of dollars in sales each month!

The Problem

The Solution

Building a website all alone is a real-life nightmare. I understand because I had no clue what I was doing when I started my first company. I have been there, staring at my computer, wondering how I would build a website that would attract at least one sale. So, I decided to learn the secrets of a perfect website dedicated to conversions. You deserve to have a great website, but you should not have to journey alone. I am here to guide you through this process, ensuring you win the day and have a website that turns your browsers into buyers.

Current Partners

Review of Seth Parmenter
Mike P.

Seth Parmenter created our website, and the results exceeded our expectations!  His practical, intelligent application of technology gains visitors attention and turns them into customers.  We were pleasantly surprised by the speed in which Seth produced this exceptional product!  

5 Stars Seth Parmenter & Co
Seth Parmenter and Co Review
Amy M.

Seth Parmenter has created multiple websites for us.  Each time, he made the process smooth and painless.  Seth truly captured the aesthetic of our brands. His marketing and branding skills are outstanding.  The feedback from our customers has been very positive.  He truly helped to turn our browsers into buyers.  You will not regret partnering with Seth.  He will exceed your expectations.  

5 Stars Seth Parmenter & Co
Amy Parmenter Review - Seth Parmenter
Rachael W.

If you’re looking for a true expert that listens to your needs and absolutely delivers, look no further than Seth Parmenter & Co. I was amazed at how quickly he created our design! It was exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Thank you, Seth!

5 Stars Seth Parmenter & Co

The Plan

Apply Today

Each year, I partner with a select number of clients who I believe are on a valuable mission. After you apply, I will reach out to chat about your business, goals, and your plan for the future.

Create The Future

Next, I will guide you through creating a plan for the future of your website and marketing. Together, we will implement the plan, but do not worry! My team and I are here to guide and support you along the way!

Turn Your Browsers into buyers

Once your website and marketing plan is placed into action, watch as your browsers turn into buyers!


Gillen & Associated - Seth Parmenter
Johnson & Company - Seth Parmenter
Gillen & Associated - Seth Parmenter



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  • Custom Built Website
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5 things check list website - Seth parmenter
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5 things check list website - Seth parmenter
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