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So you like windows…

How do I put this lightly… I don’t like windows. There, I said it. As a designer, windows is not the best software for my career. Nevertheless, I have tons of friends and family who still prefer the Windows operating system, which is cool.

Below are some of the top windows laptops that I recommend. RAM, in short, is how much power your computer has to process tasks, so below are two options for each device. The first or (Lower RAM) option is perfect for emails, internet browsing, and some document processing. Second (Higher RAM) is for people who are on their computers a lot. High RAM is for the person working on multiple documents, running multiple (or high processing) software(s).

best budget

Lenovo IdeaPad  Laptop

Estimated Price: $450 – $600

Still affordable

HP Pavilion Laptop

Estimated Price: $630 – $650 (Last I looked, the higher RAM was cheaper 🤷‍♂️)

 NOTE: This is the computer that I bought for Poppa (my grandfather).


Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

Estimated Price: $1,200 – $1,700

NOTE: I have not used one of these yet. This recommendation is based on specs and reviews.

+ This is the most powerful computer I have listed.